Tre Kronor: Chicago’s Leading Swedish

I will be the first to say that the thought of Swedish food has never been a particularly appealing one. I’ve always thought of Scandinavian food as dry and fishy, and that thought was always reinforced by my Norwegian grandpa eating fish for nearly every meal. I am a spice lover, so I feared that, going to Tre Kronor, the food would be a bit bland for my particular taste palate. However, my experience was very different than I imagined when I visited there recently.

Troll mural at Tre Kronor

Tre Kronor, located in the diverse neighborhood of Albany Park, is owned by the Swedish Larry Anderson and Norwegian Patty Rasmussen. The couple took over the bistro seventeen years ago and made the Swedish diner into the current Tre Kronor. The restaurant is fairly small and homey, and fills up quickly, so reservations are recommended. Most of the wait staff speak either Swedish or Norwegian, which thrilled my grandpa, whose first language was Norwegian. There were murals of myths and trolls covering the walls, and the typical “Guy was here” spray, to indicate that Guy Fiori from the Food Network ate there (eye roll at that).

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Chicago Restaurant Gems Worth Trying

In honor of Sibling’s Day (which was sometime last week), I’m going to dedicate this post to Chicago restaurants that my brother has found. For a few years now, he’s been dragging my (sometimes grumbling) family along all over the city to try restaurants and cuisines that were previously unfamiliar to us. Here are a few of the highlights from our culinary adventures around the city:

Arya Bhavan

Located in West Roger’s Park on Devon St., Arya Bhavan is a vegetarian Indian restaurant. They also offer a buffet for $10.99. I’m sad to say that since this was my first experience with Indian food, I have no idea what I ate. However, I will say this about the service: very great, very personal. The staff member directed us to the best foods to eat, told us what pairings go with which, and saved my heat-sensitive mother from overly spicy dishes. I haven’t been back since, but I have heard that it only serves vegan dishes now.

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