Bar Forza: New to Lincoln Park

Living in Lincoln Park, I find it especially interesting when there is a new restaurant right in my neighborhood, especially one that is affordable and unique. There’s where Forza comes into play.

Popping up on Lincoln where the Spread previously was, Forza is an italian-themed bistro, featuring fresh flowers on the tables, a Vespa-type scooter in the restaurant, and a classy yet affordable atmosphere for a classy, affordable night out. Now, I’ve been to Forza twice, and both times I’ve been impressed with the care and attention that they give their customers. The owner walks from table to table, making sure each customer is satisfied, and sometimes even giving away free drink coupons.

The first time I visited Forza, it was for desserts and drinks. I ordered the Italian donuts, an Italian twist on the Mexican churro, featuring strawberry and chocolate sauces. Additionally, I had the opportunity to sample a very unique cocktail: The Labbra Calde.

Here’s the description:

Uniquely sweet and spicy cocktail. We infuse Don Julio Tequila with Jalapeno to which we add Pineapple juice and Agave Nectar. This is topped with bubbling Apple Cider.

I wasn’t sure how it would taste, but it was truly unique. With a sweet taste, the Labbra Calde left an after-spice in the back of the throat after going down (pleasantly for spice lovers).

The second time I went there with a friend. We weren’t sure what to order, so we played a game of roulette and ordered the truffle fries and Farfalle Arrabiate. Both were EXCELLENT. Lately I’ve had a passion for truffle fries and while they were a tad strong on the truffle taste, they were still noteworthy (I also have a fry fetish). The pasta was the real kicker. It was very spicy, with a San Marzano tomato sauce on top and sweet Italian sausage in it. The spice was balanced out by ricotta cheese, taking some of the edge off. I am a spice fanatic, so this surprisingly spicy dish took me for a happy surprise. It was also big enough for us two girls to share, with leftovers to take home (My favorite part about Italian restaurants). My friend Anna also ordered the Mojito Italiano, and that was surprisingly good as well.

Bar Forza also has a panel of windows that open, so on beautiful nights it’s perfect to go to enjoy the weather, relax, and kick back with a drink. Forza is located at 2746 N. Lincoln Ave, and open late night.



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