Places in Lincoln Park to Satisfy a Thai Food Craving

Every once in a while, I get an unstoppable craving for Thai food. I have to have it, and until then, I just can’t stop thinking about Pad Thai, chicken satay, and crab rangoons. Fortunately, when this problem occurs, I am lucky to live around some quick and cheap restaurants where I can get my fix.

A few places to get affordable, tasty Thai food in Lincoln Park:

1. Duck Walk, 1217 W. Fullerton Ave.

Ever since Duck Walk opened up on Fullerton, I’ve been a regular customer. It’s affordable, has a nice atmosphere, and and strategically located. They offer great appetizers, my favorite being the crab rangoons. Bonus: Their sauces are delicious. For the main course they have a variety of noodle dishes, any of which are worth a try. A variety of great rice and curry dishes are also offered. The portion sizes are perfect to fill you up at the restaurant, then have some for lunch the next day.

2. Noodles in the Pot, 2453 N. Halsted St.

Noodles in the Pot is one of my favorites because of the atmosphere. It’s located on Halsted, but has a relaxed atmosphere which is ideal for catching up with friends and relaxing. The Pad Thai here is my top choice, with just the right amount of each ingredient, enough peanuts to make me happy (my favorite part of the dish), and just enough greasiness to quench my body’s craving for it. Add in the fact that it’s BYOB, and we have the recipe for a perfect Thai restaurant. I’d love to come back to try more of their dishes!

3. Thai Bowl, 2410 N. Lincoln

What first drew me in to Thai Bowl was their 10% off discount for students. I stayed for the great food, low cost, and speedy service. Thai Bowl on Lincoln is a great place to grab a quick bite to eat, and enjoy it too. At this point I must confess that I have a soft spot for rice dishes. I love the texture rice adds to a meal, and how it absorbs the sauce for bonus flavor. So, I’m inclined to order a dish with rice when it’s an option. At Thai Bowl, this took the form of their cashew chicken. Now, I am used to cashew chicken being a mild dish (on Chinese menus), but the addition of dry chili was great. It gave the dish just the kick it needed, while the garlic, bell peppers, and cashew balanced the flavor out. Cashew chicken is not the only note-worthy dish at Thai Bowl.  I also enjoyed their Pad See-Ew, and will be going back there for it very soon. Another noteworthy aspect of Thai Bowl is that they allow the customer to add their own ingredients for $1.00.

These places are my Thai food go-to’s in Lincoln Park for a quick fix. Coming soon: Chinese restaurants? Stay tuned.



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